What Can You Expect From Your Dental Implant Consultation?


When a person is unhappy with the appearance of their smile because of missing teeth, they can schedule a consultation appointment with the charlotte dental implant dentist. Knowing what to expect from this appointment will allow a person to be prepared.

What Happens During the Consultation?

Before a person can receive dental implants, they will need to provide a full health history to their oral surgeon. A patient must be in reasonably good health and have healthy gum tissue before being considered for the procedure. They must also have ample bone growth in the jawbone so the implant will be able to be supported.

At this appointment, the dentist will conduct a full examination so they will be able to determine if there are any oral health issues that may prevent a person from being able to receive their implants. Issues like gum disease must be taken care of before implants can be put in place.

Imaging Tests are Important

X-rays and CT scans will be carried out to further check the patient. X-ray films will reveal the denseness of the bone tissue in the jaw to determine if any bone grafts will need to be put in place. CT scans will be used to check for bone health and determine the proper placement of the implants.

These imaging tests will also be used to monitor the healing process once the implants have been put in place. Full bonding with the bone takes three to six months, depending on a person’s age and health.

Treatment Plans Will Help Patients to Know What to Expect

At the appointment, the patient will be given information on their treatment options and the dentist will draw up a treatment plan. This will plot the different steps that will be taken to ensure the patient’s smile is made whole.

It can take a few months for the full process to be concluded. As the bone cells grow around the implant, it will become as strong as a natural tooth root would be so a person can eat and enjoy a wide array of foods, while feeling confident about their smile.